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Harshil Dureja -Entrepreneur

Curious Curators

Curious Curators is an entrepreneurial venture started by Harshil Dureja, a final year Law student offering unique and quirky denim face masks to fight COVID in style and with optimum protection.

They say most startups are formed when you’re actually looking for something for yourself. Well that happens to be quite true for Curious Curators as in the wake of the Pandemic, where masks have become a basic necessity, I like many others just had one basic mask which I had no idea how to clean or reuse. I was looking for something that can be reused and at the same time help me be safe (and honestly would look good too!).

I did come across cotton face masks but upon a simple google search realised that a regular cloth mask is as good as using a handkerchief. That got me researching as to what are the best cloth materials that can be used to make face masks and denim happens to be one. I was fortunate my father has been in the Denim industry for over 25 years and helped me identify the right denim cloth to ensure breathability and comfort for the mask. After trying out various masks myself, Curious Curators was launched with the collection that it offers right now.

Denim not only looks good but also ensures the best protection a non surgical mask can offer. It even retains its size, shape and colour. To further ensure optimum protection, the denim fabric used by Curious Curators is washed and treated with anti bacterial wash, is not dyed and is chemical free.

I am really glad to have gotten an amazing response and feedback from my customers as a result of which we’ve even collaborated with Zwende to sell on their website for the retail sector and now we are also venturing into the corporate sector selling directly to companies in order to help them maintain a safe workplace. We also plan to add more products for our Curious Curators Family.

You can reach out to us on our Instagram Page in case of any queries or collaborations.

Lots of Love

Harshil Dureja