“Alphapreneur” is a program for all aspiring leaders, management professionals and entrepreneurial mindsets who believe in winning the game in business spaces through striking first impressions.

The mental image of you, a feeling people get about you and what you are perceived as in business spaces is your first impression. First impression is an event when a person encounters you. These events could be your networking meetups, an absolute high pressure business situation, negotiation meeting , investor pitching, an encounter with large number of customers/audience, breaking the bread before idea presentations, intro/promo videos, rapport building with teams, conferences, business expo and much more. Modernizing yourself and managing your Image for all the above situations is inevitable.

In the rising global power and digitized culture, we are prone to run down on self-improvement and self-enhancement skills which are extremely essential if we desire to go global.

The program Alphapreneur encourages your journey towards the ideal impression you want to create about yourself and the way you want people to perceive you and look at you in business spaces.

Alphapreneur is a key to powerful enhancements.

Email at connect@diadewoolkar.com for brochure and further details on the program and workshops.

An Entrepreneur’s Journey To Excellence