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How To Eat Mussels?

Mussels when cooked automatically open their shells , you don’t have to do any work to open the mussel yourself.You just have to get the meat out. And this is the key to eating mussels.

Let us understand the various methods of eating Mussels.

  • The French Method of eating mussels is known to be the most efficient way.
    First use a sea food fork to pull out the meat from the first mussel you pick to eat and then use the same empty mussel shell as a tong or a tweezer to pull the meat from rest of the mussels.This is how most French eat.Using a fork is considered poor manners in France.This method can be used in a formal set up. Mussel shell is silverware of the sea.
  • Second method is to use your hands to break open a shell.Discard the half without any meat in the lid provided.Bring the half with the meat to the mouth and just slurp it with all its juices..
  • Third method is to hold the Mussel shell in your your hand.Spear the meat with a mussel fork or a sea food fork in your right hand and swipe it off from the shell. Dunk it in the broth or sauce and eat the whole piece of meat in one bite.
  • The remaining juice or broth can be eaten using a spoon or a fork with pieces of bread speared to it and then soaked in the broth.
    In restaurants, Mussels are usually served with a lid and a finger bowl.
    Use this lid to discard the junk of empty shells and use the finger bowl to clean finger tips and get rid of the sea food smell.

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