Personal eStyling 

In this session a step by step unique personal style portfolio is created on the basis of personal clothing choice evaluation , lifestyle evaluation , professional presence , color palatte and physical traits analysis. This booklet covers your personal color combinations, basic wardrobe capsule, footwear and accessory styles, hairstyles and glasses for your face shape, make up recommendations, your proportions and fitting styles, camouflage dressing and style recommendations best suited for you. This session is conducted through email and phone with Dia. You can also request for a customised package which will include curated looks for special events or even a wardrobe capsule as per requirement.

Image Consultation

This one on one consultation on Image which  helps you focus on boosting self confidence through style, and drives to help you look and feel the best. The idea is to transform your appearance , refine your behaviour , and enhance your body language and create a new Image of You. This session starts with style analysis to help you figure your personal style understand your dress codes, best fabrics for your personality and body types, a color palette for your clothing and accessories, prints and patterns that work best on you etc. Dia helps in creating a curated wardrobe as per your personal , professional and physical traits through a wardrobe evaluation. A new wardrobe with basics, trendy pieces, must haves, right accessories and footwear is curated along with a practical advice on choosing clothes. A personal make up recommendation session is done along with an optional practical make up session for social and professional occasions. A separate one-on-on consultation will be provided to help you with body language cues, your conduct, recommendations on digital image and communication style depending on your professional roles and goals. Finally Dia will provide and assist you with a personally guided virtual shopping session. All the above concepts are utilized to pull a new you in order to serve your personal and professional goals together.

Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping

This session is focused on creating a curated look for a special occasion either formal or informal, a seasonal wardrobe, a travel wardrobe or a capsule wardrobe depending on your need. A basic body shape and personal style evaluation is done prior to organizing, planning and undertaking the wardrobe look for you. This session is concluded with a virtual personal shopping service for the necessary items to complete the look.



These workshops are practical sessions on social behavior for business success, etiquette in business dinners, lunch and customs, body language , use of crockery, cutlery, glassware , napkins, how to eat with forks, spoons, knives, chopsticks and bowls, toasting, understanding finger foods and how to eat them, understanding the classification of beverages etc. Workshops on International business wardrobe style, power dressing , courtesy rules in social meetings, business culture and meeting protocols, greeting and presentations are also a part of this program.

It masters you with the art of meeting people from different cultures and customs, creates an ability to make lasting social relationships in business life, improves your social skills, and most importantly expands your influence and reputation through networking worldwide.