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Step wise Guide To Correct Greeting

First Impression is like a miniature you that represents the whole you. The image you portray when meeting someone for the first time leaves a lasting impression. The first gesture that should take place when you meet someone is a correct greeting.

Let us understand the correct greeting step wise.

STAND UP: The basic step is to stand up while greeting somebody. If there is less space to stand up, simply lift yourself out of the chair and extend your hand for a handshake by excusing yourself.

SMILE AND EYE CONTACT: Look in the eyes of the person and smile. Avoid staring. Show them that that you are attentive while greeting them and your not doing it just for the sake. It displays kindness and friendliness.

OPENING LINE: Use the name of the person in the openers while you shake hands. Use opening lines like “Hello!” “Good morning, Mr. Rao, How do you do?” And “It’s a pleasure to meet you”.

SHAKE HANDS: The hand shake should be firm. Shake it not more then three times, let go the hand on the third shake.

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